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Jason in-store @ Get Records Amsterdam 030303
Well, it has been more than a year since the previous update of this page. Please note that updates will appear only when I have new information to add and when I have time. Although this might be obvious to some, there are also people out there who seem to forget that this is not a job, but simply a labour of love by a fan who also has a life outside of the internet, like most of you I guess, erm hope ... Also note that this site and it's maker is not connected to the artist(s) in any way ... except for being a huge fan keeping track of what's out there, and that this site is a tribute to the work of Whip and Timesbold ...

Added now is a very nice compilation put out back in the Summer of 2008 already (but escaped my attention so far; thanks Leo!) by Desolation Records which includes an unique track by Whip! Scroll down for details. And get yourself a copy of the limited edition CD-R in handmade cloth packaging while it's still available (at the time of writing - February 2011 - there were about 50-75 copies left). A link to the Desolation Records website and store is available below. Or download the complete album, or just Whip's track, from one digital store or another.

7" vinyl single
Priàpus Records (US)

Whip / Some Awful Men

  1. Some Awful Men (played and sung by Whip)
  2. Woody Guthrie (performed by Bootleg Vol)

Bootleg Vol is:
Kevin Fay - accordian
J. Merritt - guitar, spine, voice
Justin Russo - guitar
Matthew Wells - drums
Nick White - bass

Recorded by Mark Ospovat @ Purchase.

Written by J. Merritt.

Limited edition single of 500 copies, all but 5 are released in a different sleeve! The first scan has been taken from the official Whip & Timesbold website (see below for the link). The second scan (the very small one) comes from the Zealrecords site (see below for the link). At least six other versions are known to me (including my own copy), and scans of all versions can be found on a special page, which also includes an interesting story (I think) from Bootleg Vol bass player Nick White about the band and how all the different sleeves were put together! If anyone has more details and/or can provide scans of other versions, please do so! Thank you.

Summer 2000
Priàpus Records (US)/
Blackbean & Placenta (US)

Whip / Song Song

  1. Organique
  2. He Killed The Angel Of Death
  3. Maybe & Never
  4. Matthew Lyndon Wells
  5. When I Die
  6. Lips & Assholes
  7. Gospel Of Thomas
  8. Wishing Well
  9. If She Grabs
  10. I Am A Friend Of Mine
  11. Untitled

Played and sung (mostly) by Whip.

Recorded (haphazardly) by Max @ Tin Drum.
Sound recording © 1999 Tin Drum Recordings.

Written by J. Merritt, except #1 by Russo, Russo & Merritt, #2 by Merritt & Pellot, #5 by Merrit & Seth Hebert, and #10 traditional rearranged by Merritt. Published by Departure Music [ASCAP].

Blackbean & Placenta (US)
no cat.no.

Whip / Timesbold

  1. Two Dead Babies
  2. Severed Lips
  3. Long Time Man
  4. Loreli
  5. Abby's Song
  6. Untitled

Whip - guitar, voice
Justin Russo - piano, organ, guitar
Abby - violin
Seth Hebert - banjo

Recorded by Mark Ospovat @ Purchase
Mixed & mastered by Max @ Tin Drum

Written by J. Merritt, except #5 by Abby. Published by Departure Music (except track 5).

7" vinyl single
March 2001
Zealrecords (Belgium)
zeal 001

Whip / Sewn In Seems

  1. Sewn In Seems (performed by Timesbold)
  2. Windsong

Whip: guitar, voice, wine glasses, tea kettles
Dan: standing bass
Jeremy: pianer
Max: mellowflutes, vibes, assorted atmospherics

Produced/recorded/everythinged by Max

Words by Whip, music by Timesbold. Published by Departure Music [ASCAP].

Limited edition single of 500 copies.
Benelux & France release only.

October 2001
Zealrecords (Belgium)
zealcdee 001

Timesbold / Woe Be Gone

  1. Gin I Win
  2. Lorili
  3. This Field Needs A Reaper
  4. Evil
  5. I Hear You Hear

Dan Goebel • Max Lichtenstein • Jason Merritt • Gabriel Walsh

Produced by Max Lichtenstein & Timesbold.
Recorded and mixed by Max @ Tin Drum Studios with additional recordings by Gabe and Dan.

Words by Whip, music by Timesbold. Published by Departure Music [ASCAP].

Design by Timesbold from pictures by Summer.

Thanks to: Cate, Regan, Summer, Ali, Geert & Oly at Zealrecords, VPRO, Georgina, Steve, Kirk & Gretchen, MV, Annette Kudrak for accordion on "Evil", Claire, Pete's Candy Store, Hopewell, Priàpus, The Men With Water, Your Sharp Teeth.

Benelux & France limited edition release of 1,000 copies only.

March 25, 2002
Zealrecords (Belgium)
zealcdee 002

January 10, 2003
Glitterhouse (Germany)
GRCD 572

March 2003
Trust Me Records (Norway)

April 22, 2003
BlueSanct (US)

download only
September 2005
Tin Drum Recordings (US)

Timesbold / Timesbold

  1. Gin I Win
  2. Sewn In Seems
  3. Sin(g)
  4. ee cummings
  5. House Demands
  6. Water Bearer
  7. Word
  8. Some Awful Men (rerecorded version)
  9. Knife Attack
  10. It's Been A Fine Time...
  11. Van Gogh
    plus unlisted and hidden bonus track:
    George Collins (Shirley & Dolly Collins cover)

Dan Goebel: double bass, violin, piano, theremin • Max Lichtenstein: drums and percussion, vibes, mellotron, optigan, celeste, toy piano, big piano, pump organ, leslie organs, whistles and creaks, skl, clarinet, string arrangements, vocal • Jason Merritt: acoustic and electric guitar, banjo, harmonica, skl, chimney flute, backpacker, bowed things, tea kettles, wine glasses, lead vocal • Tony San Marco: banjo, acoustic guitar, vocal • Gabriel Walsh: mandolin, harmonium, waterbear, bowed electric, skl
Reno Bo: ebow-electric on "Water Barer" • Jeremy Carlisle: piano on "Sewn In Seems" • Annette Kudrak: accordion on "Word" • Summer: the sink on "Water Bearer" • Mystery Girl: vocal on "Some Awful Men" • Justin Russo: phased strings on "Van Gogh" and "Water Bearer", organ on "House Demands".

Produced by Max Lichtenstein & Whip.
Recorded and mixed by Max Lichtenstein @ Tin Drum Studios.
Interlude elements recorded by Dan under his bed.
Masterfully mastered by Scott Hull @ Classic Sound.

Words by Whip, music by Timesbold, except the first verse of track 4 respectfully borrowed from ee cummings, track 9 features a reworking of "Reveries; Passions" from "Symphonie Fantastique" by Hector Berlioz, bonus track: traditional, arr. by Shirley & Dolly Collins.
Published by Departure Music [ASCAP].

Design by Timesbold from photos by Summer.

Released by Zealrecords in the Benelux & France, Glitterhouse in Germany & Eastern Europe, Trust Me Records in the remaining European areas & Japan, BlueSanct in the United States of America, and Tin Drum Recordings worldwide (download only through iTunes and other music sites).

7" split single
(33.3 rpm)
Summer 2002
Neko Records (US)

Timesbold / Perfect Serenity / split single with So L'il

    Timesbold side
  1. Some Snow Slows (performed by Dan, Max and Jason)
  2. Serenity (performed by Jason & Max)

Produced by Max Lichtenstein and Timesbold.
© 2002 Tin Drum Recordings.

Track 1 is the same as to be found on the very limited edition December 2001
VPRO various artists sampler "De Avonden Xmas 2001" (see below).

    So L'il side
  1. Perfect
  2. Hunger Junkie

Mastering done by gabbey_wizard @ Perhaps Transparent.

Artwork by Sarah Kell.
Layout by Jasper Coolidge.

This record is for Joe Pellot.

7" vinyl single
May 27, 2003
Zealrecords (Belgium)
zeal 007

Timesbold / Masters Of War

  1. Masters Of War
  2. Gospel Of Thomas

Track 1: words & music by Bob Dylan. Published by Warner Brothers Music/ASCAP.
Track 2: words by Whip, music by Timesbold. Published by Departure Music/ASCAP.

Dan Goebel: double bass
Max Avery Lichtenstein: drums, piano, organ, vocal
Jason Merritt: acoustic guitar, lead vocal
Tony San Marco: banjo, pump organ
Jesse Sparhawk: mandolin

March of 2003 found Timesbold on tour through Europe, and America on the brink of a war with Iraq. Needless to say, being Americans abroad at such a time caused us our due of nervousness... we weren't exactly sure how we would be received. We decided that we needed to do or say something to at least set the record straight on where we stood amongst this mess of pre-war talk, and Tony had the fine idea of doing a cover version of the Dylan song "Masters of War". We went ahead with it, and in the process discovered that we happened to be playing the song close to its 40th anniversary... it was originally released on May 27th, 1963.

Now it really is a shame that 40 years have come and gone and we still need to be singing this song, but the words resonate as powerfully today as they did in the early '60s. The song works now as it did then 'cause it doesn't single out a particular country or criticize a particular event... it simply shines a harsh light on the shadowy realities of power-politics and greed, exposing the abhorrent behavior of those who are willing to sacrifice the well-being of others for the benefit of only themselves and their special interests.

People's reaction to our live version of "Masters of War" was striking, so when we returned home from the tour we decided to put together a recorded version. We also recorded a Timesbold version of an old Whip song called "Gospel of Thomas", which was another unfortunately suitable song for the tour that we dedicated nightly to 'the man upstairs' in the States.

These 2 tracks have now been released on a limited edition 7" single through Zeal Records...
Give it a listen and give it a thought... Let's hope the song doesn't need to live another 40 years.

Recorded and produced by Max.
© 2003 Tin Drum Recordings.

Limited edition single of 500 copies.

November 3, 2003
Zealrecords (Belgium)
zealcdee 007

download only
around October 2005
Tin Drum Recordings (US)

October 17, 2005
Resonant (UK)
RESCD015 (digipack)

Whip / Atheist Lovesongs To God

  1. One For Fire
  2. Oh Why
  3. Perfect Dive
  4. Ballad Of Rapp
  5. 16th Mission
  6. Ballad Of Cobain
  7. Reckless Goodness
  8. Crows
  9. Father
  10. While
  11. Nature

Album players: Kevin Fay, Tony San Marco, Jason Merritt, Summer Morgan, Eli Schneider, Jesse Sparhawk.

Produced by Hesikia Jhonas, "Perfect Dive" and "While" co-produced by Tony San Marco.
Recorded at Hell. Engineered by Zero. Mixed by Max at Tin Drum.

All songs written by Whip with parts respectfully borrowed from Tom Rapp, Leadbelly, Lou Reed, Neil Young, Mick Jagger, John Lennon and several others less obviously.

Cover painting © by Summer Lee, album design by Nikoly.

Copyright © Whip 2003. Published by Departure Music ASCAP.

Released by Zealrecords in Belgium & The Netherlands, Resonant in the United Kingdom (with distribution worldwide through various companies), and Tin Drum Recordings worldwide (download only through iTunes and other music sites).

January 2004
Self-released (US)
no cat.no.

Whip / First Songs

  1. The I Once Loved A Girl Song
  2. Sin(g) (early version)
  3. Oh La (early version of "It's Been A Fine Time...")
  4. Cats Probably Dead
  5. Joy

Limited edition CD-R only EP (handmade artwork).
Available during Whip's European solotour, January 2004.

All songs written by Jason Merritt.

Produced by Mark Ospovat and Justin Russo.
Copyright In The Public Domain Music. Administered by Departure Music. ASCAP 2004.

Cover by Shawn Merritt.

March 29, 2004
Zealrecords (Belgium)
zealcdee 008

April 4, 2004
Glitterhouse (Germany)
GRCD 597

download only
September 2005
Tin Drum Recordings (US)

Timesbold / Eye Eye

  1. Bone Song
  2. Go Down
  3. Vengeance Day
  4. Wind To Rise
  5. Call To Arms
  6. All Blues
  7. Wings On A Girl
  8. Kudzu
  9. Sometimes The Water
  10. Riches And Grief
  11. Black Eyed Suzy
  12. It's A Sag (When You Lift The World)
    plus unlisted bonus track:

Featured members: Max Avery Lichtenstein • Jason Merritt • Tony San Marco • Eli Schneider • Jesse Sparhawk

All tracks: words by Whip.
Tracks 1-3, 6, 9 & 11-12: music by Lichtenstein, Merritt, San Marco, Schneider, and Sparhawk.
Tracks 4 & 8: music by Lichtenstein, Merritt, Schneider, and Sparhawk.
Track 5: music by Goebel, Lichtenstein, Merritt, and San Marco.
Track 7: music by Goebel, Lichtenstein, Merritt, San Marco, and Sparhawk.
Track 10: music by Lichtenstein, Merritt, San Marco, and Sparhawk.

Mixed and produced by Max Avery Lichtenstein.

Recorded by Max between November 2002 and January 2004 at Tin Drum Studios and various other spots.
Basic tracks for "Sag" and "Knowwhere" recorded live at Electric Wilburland in Ithaca, NY by Matt Saccuccimorano.

Masterfully mastered by Scott Hull at The Hit Factory.
All songs published by Departure Music (ASCAP).
Design adapted from a print by Joe Pellot.

Justin Smith: violin • Gunnar Sahlin: cello • Tom Stroll: baritone sax • Jeff Schneider: tenor sax • Vin Lukason: trumpet • Bob Carlson: trombone and mail delivery • Manny Grossman: orchestral percussion • Mystery Girl: harmony vocal on "All Blues" and "Sometimes The Water" • Dan Goebel: bowed bass on "Call To Arms".

Sincere thanks to: Kettles & Company for providing a vast assortment of percussive noisemakers; Katie Cassidy for the use of the concert harp; Peter Katis for the experiments; the Pellot family for kind permission to use Joe’s art.

Released on March 29th, 2004 by Zealrecords (Benelux & France), April 4th, 2004 by Glitterhouse Records (remaining EU territories), and worldwide in September 2005 by Tin Drum Recordings (download only through iTunes and other music sites).

CD EP / download
April 27, 2004
Tin Drum Recordings (US)

Timesbold / Once We Were...

odds & ends available from us...

  1. Watercolor (remixed)
    dan, max, jason & jesse | special guest greg weeks

  2. Evil Minor
    max, jason & tony | special guest justin russo

  3. Serenity
    max & jason | special guest annette kudrak

  4. Call To Faith
    max, jason & tony | special guests reno bo, bruce lasusa, justin russo

  5. Longtime Man (live in studio)
    dan, max, jason & gabe

Limited edition tour EP, first available during Timesbold's European tour, May-June 2004.
Also still available during their March-April 2005 European tour, through Zealrecords mailorder (see the link below), as download at iTunes, during Whip's November-December 2005 European solo tour, for mailorder through the band's own merchandise page (see link below), during the Timesbold May 2008 European tour, and during the Whip April/May 2009 European tour.

Words by Whip, music by Timesbold, except "Call To Faith" by Hesikia Jhonas. Published by Departure Music (ASCAP).

Recorded, mixed and produced by Max Avery Lichtenstein.

Designed from a photo by regan@xed-out.com.

For Eli, who are who we is now.

sound recordings © 2004 Tin Drum Recordings | all rights reserved | www.tindrum.com

March 2005
Tin Drum Recordings (US)

Timesbold / Woe Be Gone

  1. Masters Of War
  2. Lorili
  3. This Field Needs A Reaper
  4. Evil
  5. I Hear You Hear

All track are remastered for this release, which was sold during Timesbold's European tour, March-April 2005. Also still available for mailorder through the band's own merchandise page (see link below), during Whip's November-December 2005 European solo tour, during the Timesbold May 2008 European tour, and during the Whip April/May 2009 European tour.

"Masters Of War" Performed By Dan Goebel, Max Avery Lichtenstein, Jason Merritt, Tony San Marco, Jesse Sparhawk
Everything Else Performed By Dan Goebel, Max Avery Lichtenstein, Jason Merritt, Gabriel Walsh

Produced By Max Avery Lichtenstein And Timesbold.
Recorded And Mixed By Max @ Tin Drum Studios With Additional Home Recordings By Gabe And Dan.

"Masters Of War" Words & Music By Bob Dylan. Published By Warner Brothers Music/Ascap.
Everything Else Words By Whip, Music By Timesbold. Published By Departure Music/Ascap.

Design By Timesbold From Pictures By Summer.

download only
February 7, 2006
Tin Drum Recordings (US)

Timesbold / Goodnight Irene

  1. Goodnight Irene

Free download from the band's MySpace page!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

about "Goodnight Irene"

back in early January the whole band was together at Tin Drum Studios to continue the work on our latest record. one evening a mighty rainstorm blew in, and with it came a funny little mood. so we decided to gather ourselves and our instruments around a few microphones under the big studio skylights, and right on the spot we created & recorded this arrangement of the classic "Goodnight Irene".

now we thought we'd pass it along to you, our MySpace friends... you can even download it from our page and keep it forever. think of it as an early valentine's day present (it is, after all, exactly our kind of love song). hope you enjoy... we'll have more new music for you soon.

March 2007
O Rosa Records (UK)

Whip / R. Mutt's Blues

  1. Beast Of Each
  2. How Can I Turn
  3. Swim For Sure
  4. Great Wall Of China
  5. Wrecking Crew

Limited edition of 500 copies, letterpressed cardboard package on recycled paper.
Available during Whip's European (Belgium, The Netherlands, and the UK) tour April-May 2007.
Afterwards also to be available through various websites.

All songs by Jason Merritt
except "Great Wall Of China" by Kevin Malloy
performed bt Jason Merritt, Tony San Marco, Joyell Dunay and Summer Morgan
Produced by Hesikia Jhonas at Blue Jay Studio
Polished and mastered by Max Avery Lichtenstein at Tin Drum Studios
Artwork and design by Robin van Rijn www.happysoda.net
Copyright Departure Music (ascap)

(c)(p) 2007 O Rosa Records and Whip.

April 16, 2007
Zealrecords (Belgium)

download only
Tin Drum Recordings (US)

July 18, 2008
DevilDuck Records (Germany)

Whip / Blues For Losers

  1. Down By Blood
  2. Gainin' Ground
  3. No Reply
  4. Kind Favor
  5. Warbler
  6. Newsflash
  7. Spare Angel
  8. Spread Eagle
  9. Who Sings
  10. Wicked Wheels
  11. Off The Rails
  12. Wrecking Crew (live) (German CD only)*
  13. White Wedding (Billy Idol cover) (live) (German CD only)*

Blues for Losers ingredients:
Egg, Fish, Bowls Of Water, Nylon Guitar, Whistle Casio, Tambourine, Zither, Vibraslap, Wurlitzer Organ, Bowed Guitars, Electric Guitar, Ankle Bells, Incense Box, Banjo, Pitched Organ, Cardboard Box, Steel String Guitar, Acoustic Slide Guitar, Guitars Banged With Mallets, Lap Steel Guitar, Casio SK1, Tape Machine Organ, Suitcase Distortion Amp, Finger Cymbals, Xylophone, Wurlitzer Drum Machine, Paper Bags, Whipping Belt, Telephone Bell, Voice Mutator, Recorder, Neighbor Hammering, Beer Bottles, Blue Jay, Accordion, Japanjo, Backwards Guitars, Tape Samples, Harmonium, Casiotone MT-46

Played by Jason Merritt and Tony San Marco with Joyell Dunay, Lu Devore, Kenneth Cowan & Douglas Shepherd

Lyrics by Jason Merritt
Music by Jason Merritt and Tony San Marco
published by Departure Music (ascap)

recorded and mixed by J. Merritt at Blue Jay Studio
produced by J. Merritt and Tony San Marco
mixes polished up and mastered by Max Avery Lichtenstein at Tin Drum Studios

© 2007 by whip • all rights reserved • manufactured under license by Zealrecords

bonus tracks 'white wedding' (Billy Idol) & 'wrecking crew'*
*recorded and produced for Vpro Dwars by Berry Kamer.
special thanks to Maurice Woestenburg. www.vpro.nl/dwars

(p) & (c) 2008 DevilDuck Records • all rights reserved • manufactured in the eu

Released by Zealrecords in Belgium & The Netherlands.
Released by DevilDuck Records in Germany.

February 2008
Glitterhouse (Germany)
GRCD 680

March 2008
Zealrecords (Belgium)

download only
Tin Drum Recordings (US)

Timesbold / ill Seen ill Sung

  1. Old Hannah
  2. Any Lethal Storm
  3. All Readymade
  4. Takeaway
  5. When I Come Around
  6. Hollow Halo
  7. Mama
  8. Cancao Bebendo
  9. Fencepost
  10. Recover Ring
  11. Lame Horse
  12. Be Leaving
  13. Far To Strange

Max Avery Lichtenstein + Tony Leva + Jason Merritt + Tony San Marco + Jesse Sparhawk

additional performers
Bob Carlson + Lu Devore + D. James Goodwin + Jane Morgan + Jon Natchez + Justin Smith + Ryan Smith

Produced by Max Avery Lichtenstein, D. James Goodwin & Timesbold
Recorded by Max at Tin Drum [CT] + DJG at the Clubhouse [NY] + Jason at Bluejay [OR]
Clubhouse engineering assistants: Nick Brough and Jon Sargent
Tracks 1, 2, 4, 5, 9, 10 & 11 mixed by DJG + Tracks 3, 6, 7, 8, 12 & 13 mixed by Max

Words by Whip + Music by Timesbold
Published by Departure Music + ASCAP

Designed from painting by Tim Dedman

Thanks to Regan, Summer, Jordanna, Ron, Nancy, Shawn, Scott
+ Ger Potze, Sonja Wittig, Anke Balt, Mike McGonigal +
Rembert and all at Glitterhouse + Geert and Oly at Zeal

(p) & (c) 2008 Tim Drum Productions, LLC


Clips (30 seconds) of all tracks can be heard at the Indigo website!

Released by Zealrecords in the Benelux, and Glitterhouse in the rest of the E.U.

April/May 2008
Tin Drum Recordings (US)

Timesbold / Slight Of Hand

  1. Whale Songs
    [ featuring m.a.l., d james goodwin, j. merritt, jon natchez, tony san marco and ryan smith ]

  2. Walkin' Through The World
    [ featuring m.a.l., kenneth cowan, d james goodwin, tony leva, j. merritt and tony san marco ]

  3. Ice Age
    [ featuring m.a.l., tony leva, j. merritt, jon natchez, tony san marco and ryan smith ]

  4. This Could Be The One...
    [ featuring m.a.l., tony leva, j. merritt, tony san marco and jesse sparhawk ]

  5. Banish The Moon
    [ featuring m.a.l. and j. merritt ]

Limited edition tour EP, first available during the Timesbold May 2008 European tour. Also still available for mailorder through the band's own merchandise page (see link below), and during the Whip April/May 2009 European tour.

recorded by m.a.l., d. james goodwin and jason merritt || mixed and produced by max avery lichtenstein
tar heart image by philip morgan [ http://www.philipmorgan.net ]
words by whip || music by timesbold
published by departure music ( ascap ) / camphor music ( bmi )
with thanks to gerben houwer, kevin fay, allison chippak, and the incomparable jimmy turbo

April 2009
Tin Drum Recordings (US)
Zeal Records (Belgium)
TIN015 / zealcdee 025

Whip / Make Them Sirens Sing

  1. Red Blood
  2. Cutthroat
  3. Burnded At The Stake
  4. Lil Cobra
  5. Please Take My Advice

Tour EP, available during the Whip April/May 2009 European tour.

words by j.merritt
music written and performed by j. merritt & tony san marco
recorded and mixed by j. at blue j studio
polished by max avery lichtenstein at tin drum
artwork by summer morgan

published by departure music ( ascap )
sound recordings © 2009 j. merritt
released through tin drum recordings & zeal records • UPC:853718001155

TIN015 || zealcdee 025
manufactured in the usa

old press photo

Autumn 2000
Blackbean & Placenta (US)
(bbptc 144)

Blackbean and Placenta CD Compilation #4, Autumn 2000

  • Whip / George Collins (Shirley & Dolly Collins cover)

    "Blackbean and Placenta Loves Microblast".

    Limited to 500 copies. Adorned with Microblast mini-comic/liner notes. Front sleeve issued in various colors.
    Except the scan of the blue one on the left, I also found a scan of a red one on the web ... and my own copy is pink.
    Anyone else with another color?

    This seems to be (to my ears anyway) the same version as to be found on the "Timesbold" album from March 2002, it only contains some more tape hiss.

  • MC
    unread records (US)
    unread #33

    White Shirts = Stains

  • Whip / Once (exclusive track)

    "All exclusive tracks from singer-songwriter, bedroom pop loners. An overly exhumed, and exhausted pile of acoustic / electric meanderings, stark instrumentals, pop hook, and storysongs. Handmade covers even!"

  • 2CD
    July 2001
    Arena Rock Records (US)

    This Is Next Year
    A Brooklyn-Based Compilation

  • Timesbold / Gin I Win

    "2 CD's featuring 42 of the borough's best talent known/unknown."

    All proceeds from this compilation are being donated to benefit the Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition (BARC), a not-for-profit, privately funded, no-kill animal shelter located in Williamsburg for homeless cats and dogs.

  • CD
    December 2001
    VPRO (Netherlands)

    De Avonden Xmas 2001

  • Timesbold / Some Snow Slows

    "This compilation of Christmas-songs is a gift-only CD, 150 are made of them. It is, and will not be reproduced by any means to be sold for commercial purposes. It is a present to all the artists participating in this project and all the contributors to our VPRO radioshow, 747 AM 'De Avonden'. Apart from celebrating, in various ways, the Christmas event itself, it serves as a remembrance of the fruitfull collaboration between the artists and the program in past and present years.
    We would like to express our deeply gratitude to all the artists providing us with their impressive contributions to this project. And we hope to meet in the nearbye future.
    Best wishes and a happy 2002.

    On behalf of VPRO's 747 AM 'De Avonden',
    Jan Hiddink, Berry Kamer and Maurice Woestenburg."

    A selection of tracks from this CD (including Timesbold) has been broadcast on
    December 27, 2001 by VPRO "De Avonden" 747 AM.

    This track is also to be found on the Summer 2002 split single with So L'il (see above).

  • CD
    February 2002
    The Wire/Domino (UK)
    K&H session #2

    a snapshot from the 2002 Domino ten-day

  • Timesbold / Knife Attack

    Domino ten-day 2002 at the Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium.

    This CD is given away to all subscribers of The Wire with the March 2002 issue #217.

  • CD
    Red Square Recordings (US)
    (made in Australia)

    Invited To Dinner @ the Red Square

  • Whip / The Ballad of ee cummings (live)

    excerpt from the Introduction by Jen Turrell on page 1 of the accompanying booklet:
    "The Red Square is a large 4-story house located at 221 S. 46th Street in West Philadelphia and named after the square kitchen table that used to be the center of household activit. [...] This CD contains a sampling of one small corner of life at the Red Square that happened to get recorded on a regular basis between the years of 1999-2001. The recordings were taken from a series of shows titled 'Acoustic Nights at The Red Square'."

  • MC
    unread records (US)
    unread #44

    As Yet No Title

  • Whip / Girl With Miracle Hair (exclusive track)

    "All exclusive singer-songwriter fair. Stark ballads, utilizing mainly acoustic guitar and voice. Songs of desperation, despair, mermaids, and ghosts."

  • 3CD
    December 2002
    Acuarela (Spain)
    NOIS 1029

    Acuarela Songs 2

  • Timesbold / Watercolor (exclusive track)

    Lyrics: Whip. Music: Timesbold.
    Recorded and mixed by Max Avery [Lichtenstein].
    Produced by Max Avery [Lichtenstein] and Timesbold.
    Departure Music ASCAP. Tin Drum Recordings.

    "Acuarela Songs 2 is a tribute, a melting pot and a briefing point. Last year's "Acuarela Songs" was a 2CD album that compiled songs from Spanish and international bands that used the word 'Acuarela' (ie: watercolour) in their songs. Voices from different places and different languages that somehow paid homage to the label. The album was highly acclaimed by the critics (mostly on the States and France), and now Acuarela releases the second volume, a three-step way to celebrate its ninth birthday."

  • CD-R
    BlueSanct (US)

    BlueSanct Sampler 2003

  • Timesbold / ee cummings
  • Timesbold / Word

    24-track Sampler CD-R. Other bands/artists included are Static Films, Drekka, Justin Vollmar, The Iditarod, Minmae, Elephant Micah, Darryl Blood, The Pilot Ships, Tiltmaster, Rivulets, and Cheree Jetton.

    More details unknown ...

  • CD
    August 31, 2003
    Glitterhouse (Germany)
    GRCD 590

    Out Of The Blue Vol. 11

  • Timesbold / This Field Needs A Reaper

    Glitterhouse mailorder only.

  • CD
    December 2003
    VPRO (Netherlands)

    De Avonden Xmas 2003

  • Whip / I Wish It Wasn't Christmas (exclusive track)

    "This CD, containing a compilation of Christmas songs, is a limited giftedition. Only a hundred were made. It may therefore not be reproduced in any way or used for sale or other commercial purposes. It is a present to all the artists participating in this project and to all the contributors to our VPRO radioshow, "De Avonden". Besides celebrating Christmas in various ways, this CD is a memento of the fruitfull collaboration with the many artists on our program over the years. We would like to express our deep gratitude to them for their impressive contributions to this project and hope to meet in the nearby future. Best wishes and a happy 2004!
    Berry Kamer and Maurice Woestenburg"

    A selection of tracks from this CD (including Whip) has been broadcast on
    December 25, 2003 by VPRO "De Avonden" 747 AM.

  • CD
    February 14, 2004
    My First Sonny Weissmuller Recordings (Netherlands)

    More Than A Woman
    female artists covered by 19 male bands

  • Whip / Oh Babe, It Ain't No Lie (Elizabeth Cotten cover) (exclusive track)

    A compilation of homerecorded gender bender songs. Initiated by Michael Milo.

  • CD-R
    BlueSanct (US)
    BLUE 04

    BlueSanct Sampler 2004

  • Timesbold / Water Bearer
  • Timesbold / Masters Of War

    All orders over $40 at the BlueSanct Records store come with this free sampler CD-R, containing 23 songs from the BlueSanct catalogue. Other bands/artists included are Elephant Micah, Drekka, (Justin) Vollmar, Black Forest/Black Sea, Annelies Monseré, Darryl Blood, The Iditarod, Minmae, The Pilot Ships, In Gowan Ring, Rivulets, Tiltmaster, and Static Films.

  • 3CD
    November 22, 2004
    Glitterhouse (Germany)
    GRCD 617

    Glitterhouse Is 20

  • Timesbold / Masters Of War

    Release to celebrate Glitterhouse's 20th anniversary.

  • CD-R
    early 2005
    BlueSanct (US)
    BLUE 05

    BlueSanct 2005 Mixtape

  • Timesbold / Water Bearer

    Sampler CD-R, free with orders from the BlueSanct Records store, containing 22 songs from the BlueSanct catalogue. Other bands/artists included are Annelies Monseré, Static Films, Black Forest / Black Sea, Drekka, (Justin) Vollmar, Elephant Micah, The Iditarod, Darryl Blood, Rivulets, Tiltmaster, Minmae, and The Pilot Ships.

    This mixtape for promotional use only. Not for sale. Feel free to share as you see fit.

  • 2CD
    March 21, 2005
    PIAS (Belgium)


  • Timesbold / Wind To Rise (session) (exclusive track)

    Taken from the Whip solo session for the Studio Brussel program "Duyster", February 1, 2004.

  • 2CD
    August 29, 2005
    Glitterhouse (Germany)
    GRCD 641

    Out Of The Blue Vol. 12

  • Timesbold / Bone Song

    Glitterhouse mailorder only.

  • CD
    December 2005
    Yeti (US)

    Yeti Three

  • Timesbold / Fencepost (exclusive track)

    "A song-in-progress from 2005 by this now-bi-coastal group who meld Weill and Appalachian vibes just perfectly here."

    Various artists compilation CD that came with art magazine/book "Yeti" issue #3.
    The magazine also includes an interview with Jason Merritt.

  • CD
    April 2007
    Arena Rock Records (US)

    Bridging the Distance
    - a Portland, OR covers compilation -

  • Whip / White Wedding (Billy Idol cover) (exclusive track)

    "Portland, OR is a city of bridges that span both the Willamette & Columbia Rivers. The Portland musicians on this compilation span time & place in bringing us updated takes on classic songs. Likewise, local non-profit, p:ear, connects with some of the city's transitional youth and helps them bridge difficult obstacles in their lives through a program of education, art & recreation. Proceeds from this compilation will benefit p:ear in their efforts."


    Arena Rock Recording Company

  • 2CD
    May 18, 2007
    Glitterhouse (Germany)
    GRCD 664

    The Empire Strikes Back!
    a Glitterhouse compilation

  • Timesbold / Goodnight Irene
  • Camphor / The Sweetest Tooth

    The Timesbold track was only available as digital download so far (see above).

    The Camphor track marks the official CD debut of this band, which features the singing and songwriting of Max Avery Lichtenstein. The included track "The Sweetest Tooth" is from the forthcoming album Drawn to Dust, which was co-produced by Max, Whip and D. James Goodwin and features musical contributions from all the members of Timesbold. You can preview the track at the newly updated Camphor MySpace page... see below for more Camphor information.

  • CD-R / download
    July 22, 2008
    Desolation Records (US)

    Desolation Records Presents Record Desolation

  • Whip / Bad Word (exclusive track)

    "This limited release Compilation features songs from some of today's best known and unknown bands. Comes in beautiful handmade cloth packaging."

    Available for download from various digital stores, like iTunes. And issued in a limited edition of 200 CD-R copies, as quoted above in handmade cloth packaging. It comes in 5 different colours: red, dark blue, light blue, purple, and green.

    Desolation Records website and store.

  • CD
    September 25, 2009
    Glitterhouse (Germany)
    GRCD 698

    Got No Chains
    The Songs Of The Walkabouts

  • Whip / Wondertown (exclusive track)

    Various artists tribute album to celebrate The Walkabouts' 25th anniversary.

    A bonus CD contains remastered versions of all the original Walkabouts songs.

  • MC
    July 1998
    Self-released (US)
    no cat.no.

    Jeffrey Lewis / Indie-Rock Fortune Cookie

    1. The East River
    2. Another Girl
    3. 3/4 Moon (version one)
    4. Life
    5. Flippity-Floppity
    6. Everyone's Honest
    7. Songs About Songwriting
    8. Heavy Heart
    9. The Chelsea Hotel Oral Sex Song
    10. Viviane From Washington Square
    11. Gravity Sue
    12. Clyde and Alyda
    13. The Man With The Golden Arm

    Recorded July 1998.

    "48 minutes of music on a 60 minute cassette, comprised of eleven Jeff solo acoustic songs recorded by Whip onto four-track, July 18-19, and additional two bedroom boombox recordings made July 26 featuring Jack on bass/lead vocal, Jeff on acoustic/backing vocal. Maybe a couple hundred cassette copies made and sold (for three dollars; four page comic and fortune included) over the following years. 100 copies pressed onto CDR in February 2001."

    All info taken from www.TheJeffreyLewisSite.com

    Spring 1999
    no cat.no.

    Jeffrey Lewis / The Only Time I Feel Right Is When I'm Drawing Comic Books
    unreleased first version

    A number of Jeff acoustic songs recorded by Whip onto four-track. Some of the tracks recorded:

    • One-Trick Pony
    • Dance Myself To Death (version one; solo acoustic)
    • The Last Time I Did Acid I Went Insane (early version; banjo by Tony)
    • A Love-In In An Oven
    • Seattle (early version)
    • Bake Your Bread Slowly

    The picture on the left is from the released third version, Winter/Spring 1999-2000.

    All info taken from www.TheJeffreyLewisSite.com

    October 2000
    January 2001
    Priàpus Records (US)

    April or May 2001
    Cutty Shark (Belgium)

    download only
    around September 2005
    Tin Drum Recordings (US)

    Hopewell / The Curved Glass

      US version
    1. The Angel Is My Watermark
    2. In The Small Places
    3. There Is Something
    4. There Is Nothing
    5. Christmas Now
    6. Moon Man
    7. Safe As Milk
    8. Lazy Day
    9. Watermark (reprise)
    10. The Fish

      European version
    1. The Angel Is My Watermark
    2. In The Small Places
    3. There Is Something
    4. There Is Nothing
    5. Safe As Milk
    6. Moon Man
    7. Lazy Day
    8. Memorial Acclamation B
    9. Christmas Now
    10. The Fish
    11. Watermark (reprise)
    12. Light & Water

    The European version of "The Curved Glass" includes two extra tracks that were previously only available as part of the "Future Symphony" on the limited edition (500 copies) Priàpus (PRIAPUS 014) various artists 3LP "Pieces Of A Utopian Puzzle" (2000). Note: Your Team Ring (see below) is also featured on this boxed set.

    The track "Safe As Milk" was released as the a-side of a 2-track 7" vinyl single and 4-track CD-single on Cutty Shark Records in 2001 (before the release of the album). "Safe As Milk" was also featured in the movie "Tarnation" (see below).

    "The Angel Is My Watermark" has also been released as the a-side of a 2-track 7" vinyl single and 4-track CD-single on Cutty Shark Records in 2001.

    hopewell : is-are-was :
    Dalia Garih [drums]
    Jason Russo [vocals, guitar]
    Justin Russo [guitar]
    Jason Merritt [bass]

    additional players:
    Rene Bo: synth bells, background vocals / Gabriel Walsh: the prophet 6000
    Grasshopper: slide guitar, looped signals [appears courtesy of V2]
    Max Lichtenstein: mellotron, rhodes, emulator

    Rene Bo and Jason Merritt have traded places on bass live and
    recorded. This recording features Jason.

    recorded in 1997 by Jacques Cohen at The Space in poughkeepsie, NY
    and in 1999 by Max @ Tin Drum Studios. Anthema Gospel was recorded with
    Brad Whitaker, by coincidence at Egoless recording studio, lawrence KS usa.

    photo of dalia by andi teran / photo of jason by jennie allen
    photo of reno by cheryl bolton / photo of justin by a fried
    layout and design by SOUTH CHERRY PRODUCTIONS © 2000

    email hopewell@tindrum.com
    visit www.tindrum.com/hopewell [now www.hopewell.tv]
    write Hopewell / South Cherry Productions
    P.O. Box 340 Rosendale, NY 12472

    produced by Hopewell and Max Lichtenstein

    mixed by Max Lichtenstein

    written and performed by Hopewell

    published by South Cherry Songs
    administered by Departure Music (ascap) / Camphor Music (bmi)

    sound recordings p 2000 Tin Drum Recordings / South Cherry Productions
    originally released in the US on Priàpus Records
    © 2001 R&S B.V.B.A. all rights reserved.
    sabam/biem 516.4509.020 manufactured under license by Cutty Shark Records, Brussels, Belgium
    Cutty Shark is a division of R&S Records. Contact: geert@rsrecords.com. www.cuttyshark.com

    7" vinyl single
    Zealrecords (Belgium)
    zeal 006

    Camphor / Silver & Gold

    1. Silver & Gold
    2. Mute
    3. Holiday

    Track 1 music by M. Lichtenstein and J. Russo - lyrics by J.
    Max: drums, bass, mellotron, rhodes, farfisa
    J Russo: acoustic & electric guitars, vocal - Justin Russo: piano

    Track 2 music by M. Lichtenstein and J. Russo
    Max: drums, bass, electric guitar
    J: electric guitar

    Track 3 music by M. Lichtenstein
    Max: drums, bass, electric guitar, organ
    J: lead guitar - Whip: rhythm guitar, slide

    Music from and inspired by the feature film Jesus' Son
    Produced & recorded by Max Lichtenstein at Tin Drum Studios
    Songs published by Departure Music [ASCAP] / Camphor Music [BMI]

    Sound recordings © 2000 Tin Drum Recordings [www.tindrum.com]
    Manufactured under license by Zealrecords

    Camphor is on-line at www.camphor.net
    Check out Jesus' Son at www.jesusson.net <link's dead>

    Artwork by Ingrid De Ceuleneer

    Limited edition single of 500 copies.

    September 3, 2001
    Rough Trade (UK)
    RTRADECD 027

    Jeffrey Lewis / The Last Time I Did Acid I Went Insane And Other Favorites

    1. The East River
    2. Another Girl
    3. Seattle
    4. The Chelsea Hotel Oral Sex Song
    5. Amanda Is A Scalape
    6. Heavy Heart
    7. The Last Time I Did Acid I Went Insane
    8. The Man With The Golden Arm
    9. Springtime
    10. Life

    Recorded by Jeffrey Lewis (tracks 2, and 8), Spencer Chakedis (tracks 3, 7, and 9), and Whip (tracks 1, 4, 6, and 10).

    Perhaps Transparent
    Recordings (US)
    no cat.no.

    Your Team Ring / Homelife

    1. Goodbye
    2. This Apartment Will Rise
    3. Brother Clone
    4. The Lovelife Of Clones
    5. Mobile Home
    6. The Big Drift
    7. Hey, Mister Space Trolley Man
    8. Change Directions
    9. The Short Journey Toward Home
    10. The Landing Gear Is Stuck My Dear
    11. The Problem With The Fourth Dimension
    12. Parade Of The Mechanical Ants
    13. Life Without Skin
    14. Lost In The Ocean Of Bone
    15. The Ol' Switcharoo
    16. Upon Reentry
    17. Homelife

    Stephen Chopek: Drums, Percussion Stephen Connolly: Bass, Vocals, Percussion Tim Dedman: Synths, Guitars, Vocals Daniel Goebel: Double Bass, Theremin Jason Merritt: Guitars, Banjo, Vocals Justin Russo: Synths, Melotron Gabriel Walsh: Vocals, Tapes and Loops, Guitars, Bass, Synths, Mandolin, Harmonium, Ukulele, Hurdy Gurdy, Toys || Cover Art by Tim Dedman

    For more information, visit Your Team Ring's website. <link's dead>

    Perhaps Transparent
    Recordings (US)

    Your Team Ring / In Service Of The Villain

    1. In Service Of The Villain
    2. The Final Broadcast
    3. Damaged Goods
    4. Thoughts Of Norea
    5. Heaven Is Bending
    6. Who Is From Silence
    7. Failure Of Design
    8. Tie Me To The Crown
    9. Smiles Wide
    10. Read Like A Frozen Foundling
    11. The Debtor's Son
    12. Murderers Among Us
    13. Farwell Code Owl

    Your Team Ring is

    Gabriel Walsh - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Synths, Tapes, Mandolin, Harmonium,
    Psalter, Recorder, Percussion, Glockenspiel, Ghopichand


    Richy Midnight - Vocals, Piano, Keyboards, Tapes


    Tom Barrett - Drums, Percussion
    Mary Jane Chapman - Vocals
    Kevin Fay - Vocals, Percussion
    Stephen Connolly - Saw, Vocals, Guitar
    Tim Dedman: Vocals
    Nicolas Franklin - Vocals
    Jason Merritt - Slide Guitar
    Erica Walsh - Vocals
    Dane Johnson - Percussion
    Patrick Hambrecht - Samples

    Recorded at Grisly Lab Studios in Jersey City and at homes in Brooklyn, New York and St. Annes-on-the-Sea, England.

    Mastered by Doug Henderson at Micro-Moose.

    Very special thanks to Joey Bones for the intro, Randy Bones for the love, and Pop and Lois for the snacks and the support.

    Illustrations by David Last.
    Photographs by Allison Chipak.

    www.yourteamring.com <link's dead>

    March 2005
    Self-released (US)
    no cat.no.

    Jesse Sparhawk / Palmaria Palmata

      ... songs for one acoustic guitar ...
    1. Perpetually Perpetrating Perpetuity
    2. Super Deluxe Unorthodox Detox
    3. Paraselene
    4. Light Cycle / Tetrahedra
    5. Golden Age
    6. We Whirled Over The World Over When The World Was Over
    7. Naugahyde Saddle
    8. 2012-13

    Sold during Timesbold's European tour, March-April 2005.

    Recorded mixed mastered by Alan Ford @ Kampo Studios NYC Winter 04/05. Love To All. ©2005

    A regular release of "Palmaria Palmata" has been put out on April 24, 2007. See below for more details.


    download only EP
    August 2005
    Tin Drum Recordings (US)

    Max Avery Lichtenstein / Tarnation (Original Score)
    1. Tarnation
    2. Desperation
    3. Depersonalized
    4. Recovery
    5. Departures
    6. As Fate Would Have It
    7. Broken Home
    8. Pumpkin

    "In his debut film TARNATION, director Jonathan Caouette paired dazzling visual storytelling with an inspired mix of music from artists such as Low, Iron & Wine, Lisa Germano, Magnetic Fields, and Red House Painters. Tying it all together are original instrumental pieces written and performed by record producer / film composer Max Avery Lichtenstein.

    In October of 2004, after countless requests from eager listeners, Tin Drum Recordings made a selection of Max's songs from the film available for free under the Creative Commons license, and the response was overwhelming... the Tarnation theme music has already racked up more than 40,000 downloads, and the tally continues to grow! We're thrilled that so many folks have responded so positively to this music...

    Now we're happy to announce that a more complete collection of Max's Tarnation music is available, as well as the official DVD of the film for those who were unable to catch it in the theaters (or who simply want to relive the experience)."

    The original music for Tarnation was composed, recorded and produced by Max Avery Lichtenstein at Tin Drum Studios just outside New York City. It was performed by:

    Jesse Sparhawk: electric guitar and finger-picked acoustic guitar
    Justin Smith: violin
    Gunnar Sahlin: cello
    Max Avery Lichtenstein: piano, harmonium, organ, bass, strummed guitar, vibes, percussion & musical saw


    May 2006
    Self-released (US)
    no cat.no.

    Jeffrey Lewis / Tapes From The Crypt
    14 Songs Dug Up From Jeffrey Lewis' Home Recordings 1997-2001

    1. Sandy
    2. Together We Form Jeff
    3. Flippity Floppity
    4. No Feelings In My Heart
    5. Gravity Sue
    6. Big Fat Birds
    7. Sal's Pizza Has Sold Out To The Yuppie Scum
    8. His Name Is Water
    9. Complete History Of Jeff's Sexual Conquests Vol. 1
    10. Bite The Bullet (Get A Job)
    11. Songs About Songwriting
    12. Clyde And Alyda
    13. Rainy Ghost
    14. The Door

    Tracks 3, 5, 11, and 12 recorded by Whip, and taken from the July 1998 self-released "Indie-Rock Fortune Cookie" MC (see above).
    Backing vocals on track 3 by Babs, Tony San Marco, and Whip.

    Track 9 is taken from the Winter/Spring 1999-2000 self-released "The Only Time I Feel Right Is When I'm Drawing Comic Books" MC, and was recorded by John Kessel or by Whip or by Spencer Chakedis (see also above).

    download only
    April 24, 2007
    Tin Drum Recordings (US)

    Jesse Sparhawk / Palmaria Palmata

      ... songs for one acoustic guitar ...
    1. Perpetually Perpetrating Perpetuity
    2. Super Deluxe Unorthodox Detox
    3. Paraselene
    4. Light Cycle / Tetrahedra
    5. Golden Age
    6. We Whirled Over The World Over When The World Was Over
    7. Naugahyde Saddle
    8. 2012-13

    "Palmaria Palmata" was originally sold as a CD-R during Timesbold's European tour, March-April 2005 (see above).


    April 1, 2008
    Tin Drum / Friendly
    Fire Recordings
    (US & Canada)

    Camphor / Drawn To Dust

    1. Daybreak
    2. Deconstructed
    3. The Sweetest Tooth
    4. Button Up
    5. Tired Llight
    6. Immolation
    7. Beauty In Ruins
    8. Castaway
    9. Bones
    10. So Lucky
    11. Confidences Shattered
    12. Mistakes
    13. Sundown

    Performed by Max Avery LichtensteinD. James GoodwinTony LevaJason MerrittJon NatchezTony San MarcoRyan Smith & Jesse Sparhawk WITH Robert Carlson: trombone • T.D. Ellis: bassoon • David Gold: violin/viola • Ken Kraut: trumpet • Sharon Moe: french horn • Peter Sachon: cello • Justin Smith: violin AND Jason Russo: clang guitar on "Deconstructed" • Lu Devore: harmony vocals on "Button Up" • Grasshopper: clarinet on "Sundown"

    Written and arranged by Max Avery Lichtenstein, except "Castaway" lyrics by Max Avery Lichtenstein and Whip
    All songs published by Departure Music (ASCAP)

    Produced by Max Avery Lichtenstein with D. James Goodwin and Jason Merritt

    Recorded by Max at Tin Drum Studios in Cos Cob C.T. and D. James Goodwin at The Clubhouse in Rhinebeck N.Y.
    assistant engineer / tape-op: James Ferri - 2nd assistant: Jon Sargent

    Tracks 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 11 & 12 mixed by D. James Goodwinn and mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound
    Tracks 1, 2, 6, 7, 10 & 13 mixed and mastered by Max

    download only
    September 4, 2008
    Tin Drum Recordings/
    no cat.no.

    Camphor / Enjoy The Struggle

    1. Enjoy The Struggle

    Exclusive free download from the RCRD LBL website!

    September 6, 2008

    A brand new song on RCRD LBL, and an important announcement...

    Hello friends... I'm very excited to tell you 'bout a brand new Camphor track called "Enjoy The Struggle" that's available right now as a free download, exclusively from the fine folks at RCRD LBL.

    I began working on this song a few months ago, and it was originally intended as nothing more than a general philosophical exploration. Life has a funny way of reframing intentions, however, and the song has taken on new significance and personal meaning as I find myself dealing with an unexpected struggle of my own...

    Last month I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. So far, my case is not too alarming; my only symptom is numbness in my hands, and most likely I'll be able to manage the condition very well with some medication and a few lifestyle adjustments. With these precautions, I expect to continue to enjoy a comfortable and creative life!

    Unfortunately, managing my health will necessitate taking a bit of a break from performing live… but I'm already working hard on new music videos and songs that I plan to share with you all real soon, and in a few months time I hope to make it back out on the road for some unique performances.

    In light of my new circumstances, "Enjoy the Struggle" seems a remarkably appropriate song to release into the world right now. The lyrics sum up my philosophy about things fairly well, so I thought I'd share it with you. Hope you enjoy too...

    - Max

    DOWNLOAD "Enjoy the Struggle" free from RCRD LBL

    (and please spread the word)

    Sources and links

    My own Whip & Timesbold collection has been and is the most important source for the above discography. For additional information I used the websites linked below. Other bits and pieces were found through various websites by performing a couple of Google searches, and with the help of the following people: Paul, Leo, Mike, and Nick. Thanks!

    The official Timesbold & Whip website(s)
    Timesbold MySpace page
    Whip MySpace page
    unread records
    Glitterhouse Records
    Tin Drum Recordings

    My Whip & Timesbold Trading Page (incl. setlists, ticketscans, You Tube clips, and some other stuff)

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