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Shakin' Sheila (US)

Month Of Sundays / Did You Bury Yourself Again?

    meat side
  1. In Truth
  2. So Many People
  3. Window Is Broken
  4. Ashtray
    potato side
  5. What's A Handsome Guy Like You Doing In This Part Of Town?
  6. Gloriana Dying
  7. The Day After
  8. Carmine
  9. On The Surface

James Olliges (guitar and vocals)
Aaron Todovich (guitar and backing vocals)
Ben Blandford (bass)
Dave Givan (drums)

"Nine schizophrenic songs with an unintentionally low-fi production that go from more pop-structured tunes to noisy, chaotic rock."

33 r.p.m.
white 7" vinyl single
ltd. ed. of 300 copies
Shakin' Sheila (US)

Month Of Sundays / School's Out

  1. Certain Days
  2. Aw Shit
  3. Hey Sally

School's Out, is a three song 7 inch, which was recorded in August of 1996, and released in 1997 as the follow up to their full length debut album. More consistent stylistically than their album, the record features the songs Certain Days, Aw Shit and Hey Sally. This was the last recording made by the original lineup. As of May 1997 the line-up was: James Olliges (guitar/vocals), Ben Blandford (bass), Dave Givan (drums), and Lance Smith (guitar).

This is supposed to be a limited edition of 300 copies. However, another source lists this as limited to 500 copies.

split 7" single
Street Records (US)
str 07

Winter Death Club split single w/ Eurogression

The Winter Death Club tracks are:

  1. Manger
  2. Race Track

Winter Death Club formed in March 1997. The line-up was: Johnny Quaid (guitar/vocals), Tom Blankenship (later known as "Two Tone" Tommy) (guitar), Patrick Nevins (bass), and J. Glenn (drums).

Omnicron Records (US)
record release no. 4

hotel Roy / Helicopters

The first (and only?) release from Louisville's hotel Roy, Helicopters features Jim Olliges on vocals.

  1. Helicopters
  2. It Came From Norway
  3. Elevators To The Sky
  4. Smiling In My Sleep
  5. Check In...
  6. 8:00 Everyday
  7. I Hear Water Running
  8. The Bark On The Trees Was Darker Than Usual As If It Has Rained

from the insert:

recorded and produced at the home of the world renowned Scott Anthony Thomas

Welcome to hotel Roy
our staff:
Alex Smith - bell boy (guitar)
John Carswell - chaplain (bass guitar)
King Thomas - deskman (drum kit)
Tim Cushing - chef (guitar)

and your entertainment for the evening...
Jim Olliges

Noise Pollution (US)
August 30, 1999

Various Artists / In Native Soil

  1. A Viperís Way by Red Sun
  2. Nickel Lip Service by Ousia
  3. All Fucking Pigs by Cherub Scourge
  4. Nowhere Baby by Out.
  5. Amazing Stories by Aasee Lake
  6. Another Nail For My Heart by Elliott
  7. Aubade by Eleven Eleven
  8. Grab You By The Arm by The Enkindels
  9. Paycheck by Bodyhammer
  10. Forever by My Own Victim
  11. Pony Harbor by McAfee
  12. Invisible by Drifting Luke
  13. Chinese Gasoline by The Pennies
  14. Strung Out On Music by Metroschifter
  15. Fast Freddie by Wino
  16. One Salty Kiss by Month Of Sundays

The line-up as listed in the booklet with this recording was: Dave Givan (drums), Ben Blandford (bass), and Jim Olliges (guitar/vocals).

Noise Pollution also has two MP3's to listen to (go to the 'archives' page):
The Right To Bear My Name was recorded during the sessions for the School's Out seven inch at DSL in August 1996 and was never released. Bruise was recorded by Kevin Coultas in his parents' basement in spring of 1997. It was intended to be included on the In Native Soil compilation, but was later replaced with another Month of Sundays song (as listed above).

Concrete Records (US)

Various Artists / Can You Scream!

  1. Subtle - Search Yourself
  2. Four Rose Society - Bitter Pill
  3. Blacklisted - The Hitchhiker, Matchbox Car
  4. Years End - Brace
  5. Madison - Gender
  6. Sgirob - Polo Pony, Duct
  7. Dementia - Smothered, What Waits For Me, Worlds End
  8. Southpaw - Violation
  9. Valence - Decredd
  10. Month of Sundays - Austin Sleeps at Night
  11. Array - 666
  12. Skam Impaired - Found It
  13. Spodie - Low Down
  14. Blangk - ?, Will I
  15. Infringe - Solid
  16. Synapsis - September

This compilation was a benefit for the Center For Women And Families in Louisville, KY.

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