My Morning Jacket live at the Kohl Center, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI,
October 5, 2004 as part of the "Vote For Change" tour

opening for the Dave Matthews Band

Posted by PrazAngel at the My Morning Jacket mailing list:

Hey caught the Jacket last night in Madison and they just blew me away ~ once again!!

The Way That He Sings
One Big Holiday
I will Sing You Songs
Run Thru

At least that's what I can recall. It was short but SWEET set. There were fewer than 200 people in this
HUGE auditorium when they went on so it looked really sparse. Jim James commented that he never
thought they'd see the day when they would "pack large arenas!" I don't think most people knew who they
were. The band sounded fantastic. They were rockin' out so hard at the end of Run Thru that James fell was the end of the song so he got up and walked off the stage. I loved it!!!

I thought my addiction was subsiding after seeing them for the first time in may 2004 but it started right
back up. Dayum, I hope they tour in 2005!!!!!

My Morning Jacket Live 2004