My Morning Jacket live at the 3rd Annual LebowskiFest, Louisville, KY, June 18, 2004

© Bill Green 2004

Posted by just one thing at the My Morning Jacket Forum: The show was awesome. The venue was cool and the performance was great. They didn't play as long as they did for the two Louisville shows last fall, but it was still 2 hours. Yeah, the magic moment was when the fireworks went off during Cobra. "Look at the fireworks everybody! They're just for you!" I'm going to try and write a setlist, but this is all from memory and not a very good memory either, so the order is not right, but I think i got all the songs: lebowski intro golden lowdown just one thing the way that he sings it beats for you (new) how do you know o is the one that's real one big holiday i will sing you songs cobra dancefloors mahgeetah strangulation encore: at dawn steam engine run thru None from Tennessee Fire. At least they played quite a bit of that record at the two shows last fall. O is the one that's real was really great to hear live. Amazing band. I go into intense mmj obsessions after I see them live.
Confirmed setlist: 1. The Man In Me (Bob Dylan cover) 2. Golden 3. Just One Thing 4. It Beats 4 U 5. Lowdown 6. The Way That He Sings 7. How Do You Know 8. Strangulation 9. One Big Holiday 10. I Will Sing You Songs 11. O Is The One That Is Real 12. Cobra 13. Dancefloors 14. Mahgeetah 15. At Dawn 16. Steam Engine 17. Run Thru

My Morning Jacket Live 2004