My Morning Jacket live at Webster Theatre, Hartford, CT, June 4, 2004

Posted by MMJ_fanatic at the My Morning Jacket Forum:

Here is what I remember for the set list--I may miss 1 or 2 tunes and these are definitely not in order of

The Way That He Sings
Bermuda Highway
At Dawn
One Big Holiday
Run Thru
I Needed It Most
Xmas Curtain
One In The Same
Steam Engine
The Bear
It Beats 4 U

There was another tune, I believe was a cover, with Jim and Carl singing over Patrick knocking out a sort of
jungle beat.  It reminded me of an old 50s tune and the words I could make out had to do with "ringin' a
bell"--at which point Patrick smacked the cowbell a few times (naturally prompting me to shout "more
cowbell!").  Gawd I love these guys!

Reply by Wiehls:

That "jungle" song is COBRA (or a little part of it -- it's an epic).

My Morning Jacket Live 2004