My Morning Jacket live at Irving Plaza, New York City, NY, June 2, 2004

Posted by SammyV at the My Morning Jacket Forum:

It certainly was a smoking show. Much better (in my opinion) than the first night, with a fantastic set list
and possible the most rockin end to a set ever.  I think I have all the songs down, but songs 2-7 are
probably out of order:

Bermuda Highway (Jim Solo)
Golden (Everyone and M. Ward)
There's Just One Thing
Way That He Sings
The Dark
One Big Holiday
Phone Went West
At Dawn
Steam Engine
Run Thru
One in the Same (Jim and M. War only)

Strangulation was the song that was apparently cursed before, certainly sounded great last night.  Tommy
had his rockstar moment during Phone, breaking his bass, throwing it around, and then continuing to try
and play it.

My Morning Jacket Live 2004