My Morning Jacket live at The Opera House, Toronto, ON, Canada, May 28, 2004

Posted by kidsmoke at the My Morning Jacket Forum:

Just got in from the toronto show. My first MMJ experience, and I must say it was a memorable one. Great
performances by M. Ward and MMJ, along with a solid preformance from Happy Chichester, who opened
the night with a solo acoustic set. I can't wait to see MMJ again! Here's the set list:

One Big Holiday
How Do You Know
Death Is The Easy Way *
Oxen (a.k.a How Do I Know)
I Will Sing You Songs
The Way That He Sings
The Bear
Steam Engine
Run Thru
End Of Cobra
Golden *
O Is The One That Is Real

* With M. Ward

I caught a glimpse of the band's set list, and "One In The Same" was slated as the first song of the encore,
unfortuantly they didn't end up playing it. But no complaints here as we did get "The Bear".

P.S. Anybody at the show know if there were any tapers? I'd love to hear this show again

My Morning Jacket Live 2004