My Morning Jacket live at the Odeon, Cleveland, OH, May 25, 2004

Posted by GBV at the My Morning Jacket Forum:

Drove from Buffalo last night to see the Jacket. Great show. There was a bit more jamming at the ends of
songs than the previous times I've seen them. Also, the harmonies provided by the new members are great.

"Strangulation" amd "Steam Engine" back-to-back were the highlight for me. Also there was a taper there;
said he'd get it out in about a week.

The setlist (complete, I think)

One Big Holiday
How Do You Know
Death Is The Easy Way
I Will Sing To You
The Way That He Sings
Steam Engine
Run Thru
Easy Morning Rebel
Cobra End

Golden w/ M Ward

My Morning Jacket Live 2004