My Morning Jacket live at Mississippi Nights, St. Louis, MO, May 18, 2004

Posted by Andrew at the My Morning Jacket Forum:

One Big Holiday
How do you Know?
Just One Thing
Death is the Easy Way (feat. Andrew Bird)
It Beats for You (new song which Jim also called "Space-Time Module Reconfiguration #241 in A Flat Major")
The Way that He sings
Strangulation (or The St. Louis Arch Song)
Steam Engine
Run Thru
Cobra (most of it, until the end of the drum loop)

Xmas Curtain

That's the set list as I remember it. I may have forgotten a song and the list may be a bit out of order,
but this is pretty much how it went.

Confirmed setlist: 1. One Big Holiday 2. Dancefloors 3. How Do You Know? 4. Just One Thing 5. Death Is The Easy Way (w/ Andrew Bird) 6. It Beats 4 U 7. The Way That He Sings 8. Lowdown 9. Strangulation 10. Masterplan 11. Steam Engine 12. Run Thru 13. Cobra -encore- 14. Xmas Curtain 15. Golden 16. Mahgeetah

My Morning Jacket Live 2004