My Morning Jacket live at McMenamins Crystal Ballroom, Portland, OR, May 12, 2004 © Guy Burwell 2004 Thanks to Randy Klug for this ticket scan, and to Brian Payne for contributing it! Also scroll down for a scan of the stage setlist they provided!

Posted by John at the My Morning Jacket mailing list: I'm just getting to post a review of the show last night at the legendary Crystal Ballroom on Portland. Naturally, it was pretty terrific. It's a beautiful spring evening in the Northwest, and the air smells moist and sweet. M. Ward was the opener, and he had MMJ backing him for the first few songs. Then he did a couple with Jim and the new keyboard player, then a couple by himself. He also came on stage a couple of times during the MMJ set, singing backup and playing guitar and harmonica. His set was pretty short, though. It was great to get a big burst of MMJ power for a couple of songs right off the bat. I was thinking about the hair thing. Beyond the fact of them having lots of hair, they've almost got a ritual relating to their hair. During the M. Ward set, Jim had his hair tied back, like he looks when he's not on stage. You could see his face the whole time, in contrast to the MMJ set, when his face was visible at no time. It's interesting to see his face, because he's got this big cheerful grin the whole time, and I guess I never knew before. The regular MMJ set went: ONE BIG HOLIDAY O IS THE ONE THAT IS REAL DANCE FLOORS HOW DO YOU KNOW ONE IN THE SAME DEATH IS THE EASY WAY ? THE WAY THAT HE SINGS LOWDOWN STRANGULATION STEAM ENGINE RUN THRU COBRA GOLDEN MAGHEETA The "?" was something with a kid of peppy drumbeat, some of you probably know which one that is but I've never heard it before. The crowd was rowdy and there was a big mob of drunk, buzzcut fratboys having a weird homoerotic moshing scene in the dancefloor. There were also some hippies, even some middle-aged ones, and some parents with their teenaged kids, plus various dregs of society, including me. I want My Morning Jacket to end up like one of those bands that plays at biker rallies, like Sturgis, etc. Playing Portland frequently is a great way to break into that market. As someone mentioned regarding the Seattle show, there were these laminated passes that apparently entitled you to hang around and get autographs from the band. I didn't buy the required cd, but they gave me one anyway. I wondered if it was the last time I'd even be able to say hello to Jim James... hope not. I told him how proud I was of the success he's had and what a treat it's been to see them grow from hillbilly nobodies. It was great also to see the rejiggering of the setlist. "How Do You Know" was a beautiful suprise, as was "Death is the Easy Way." The "Cobra" bit was interesting too. It was one of the parts that has a drum track and Jim and the guitar player sang the lyric. They only did a couple of minutes, then went offstage to end the main set. I wondered about all the songs that they don't look to be playing this tour, which have formed the basis for their shows for the past three years: "Heartbreakin Man," "Bermuda Highway," "Just Because I Do," "At Dawn," "Phone Went West"... even "Evelyn." Hope they come back soon. Despite that, it's great that they're changing it up somewhat after sticking to pretty much the same show for 2003. John
Reply by Brad Stanard: The "?" is most likey a new tune called "It Beats 4". Oxen, I believe, is the newer tune from the jan tour that people we're calling "How Could I Have known" or "How Can I Know". Jim said something in san diego to the effect of "we already did how do you know , now this one is called how would I know". But the soundboard setlist indicated the song was "Oxen". Brad
Posted by bellybuttonfunk at the My Morning Jacket Forum: Here's the setlist as best as I can remember. I'm still new to the song titles, so there may be some inaccuracy. MMJ 5/12/2004 Crystal Ballroom Portland. OR 1. One Big Holiday 2. O is? 3. Dancefloors 4. How do you know? 5. One in the same 6. Death is the easy way 7. It beats? 8. The way that he sings 9. Lowdown 10. Strangulation 11. Steam engine 12. Run thru 13. Mid Cobra E: 14. Golden 15. Oxen? 16. Mahgeetah This show was my first and the band did not disappoint. The crowd was kinda small, but enthusiastic. The energy coming from the stage did this heart and mind a lot of good. The setlist may not be exactly right. It's all kinda fuzzy now and as I said before, I'm not as well versed in the catalog as some of the other folks round these parts. I got to peek at a setlist from the stage and I did my best to match what I had up to what was on the list. Another fan offered to send me a copy of the list from the stage. If I get it, I'll re-post with any corrections. Whoo, now that it's over, when's the band coming back to town? AND As promised, a .jpg of the setlist from the stage has been sent my way. Looks like the setlist I posted earlier is correct except for the encore. It should read: E: 14. Oxen 15. Golden 16. Mahgeetah Cheers to Randy or providing an accurate list!

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