My Morning Jacket live at the Showbox, Seattle, WA, May 11, 2004

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Posted by PapaJoeBear at the My Morning Jacket Forum:

OK folks. I went to the Seattle show. Would have posted last night, but got in real late. I got Patricks
setlist, so here it is:
One Big Holiday
O is the One That is Real
How Do YOu Know
One In The Same
Death Is The Easy Way
It Beats 4 (new song)
THe Way That He Sings
Strangulation (full band)
Steam Engine
Run THrough

Golden (full band)

What an amazing show. This was my 3rd MMJ show, and it far surpassed the other 2, which were both
amazing shows in their own right. The band seems to be really feeling it.  It would be impossible to pick a
high point in the show.  They were selling the new ep for % bucks, and if you bought it you got a tag to
hang around your neck for a cd and poster signing after the show. It kind of looks like a backstage pass.
Very cool. GOt a poster signed by all the boys. Patrick said he noticed me groove in the front durring the
show, and wrote under his name "thanks for dancin'!"   Also very cool. The crowd was huge; much
larger than the last show at the Showbox.  There WAS tapers at this show. I saw no less than 3 mic poles
up around the soundboard. My buddy Matt spoke with a gentleman who taped the show, and gave him
his email addy, so I' let you guys know if we get the show, and possibly post it in BT form or something.
Also got lots of pics with my cheesy camera phone. When I can figure out how to do it, I'll post some up
here. Anyways, drop whatever you doing and go get tickets for the tour. Will not be a letdown!

My Morning Jacket Live 2004