My Morning Jacket live at the Avalon, Hollywood, CA, May 8, 2004

Setlist: 1. One Big Holiday
	 2. The One That Is Real
	 3. Dancefloors
	 4. How Do You Know
	 5. One In The Same (Jim James solo w/ M. Ward)
	 6. Death Is The Easy Way (Carl on pedal steel)
	 7. The Way That He Sings
	 8. Lowdown
	 9. Strangulation
	10. Steam Engine
	11. Run Thru
	12. Cobra (middle segment only...3-4 minutes)
	13. Oxen
	14. Golden (w/ M. Ward) (Carl on pedal steel)
	15. Mahgeetah

Thanks to Brad Stanard for contributing this ticket scan and setlist!

My Morning Jacket Live 2004