My Morning Jacket live at The Canal Club, Richmond, VA, January 24, 2004

Posted by Scott Holcomb at the My Morning Jacket mailing list:

Caught the show last night in Richmond at the Canal Club.  Great time.
The club was a bit of a pain in the ass with a huge line to get your
ID checked to get in and several supporting beams in the club itself
that made it really hard to see the whole band at once.  Overall, good
show, although a bit short.  I think it was typical for a MMJ show,
but I'd just see the Drive-By Truckers do 3 hours solid the night
before.  Anyway, I got most of the setlist down.  There were three
songs I couldn't remember the titles of.  I had friends taping, so I
should be able to get those once I get copies of the show.  Anyway,
here's what I got:

1/24/04  Canal Club, Richmond, VA

The Way That He Sings
Just One Thing
One Big Holiday
I Will Sing You Songs
Phone Went West
Steam Engine
Golden (Jim solo)
Bermuda Highway (Jim solo)
Xmas Curtain
Run Thru

I was surprised to see Phone Went West in the middle of the set.  Just
got used to it closing the show.  Regardless of the placement, it
freakin' rocked!  Other highlights were One Big Holiday and a monster
Run Thru to close the show.  The rest was really great as well with
the band raging as usual and really getting the crowd into it.  Damn
glad I got to see this one.

Wish I could make it up to the 9:30 Club this weekend, but
unfortunately, I've got call duty this weekend.  Next time.


Confirmed setlist: 1. Mahgeetah 2. Dancefloors 3. Picture Of You 4. The Way That He Sings 5. Lowdown 6. Just One Thing 7. Sooner 8. One Big Holiday 9. I Will Sing You Songs 10. Phone Went West 11. Steam Engine 12. Golden (Jim solo acoustic) 13. Bermuda Highway (Jim solo acoustic) 14. Xmas Curtain 15. War Begun 16. Run Thru

My Morning Jacket Live 2004