My Morning Jacket live at the WorkPlay, Birmingham, AL, January 16, 2004

Posted by bigger_rooty at the My Morning Jacket Forum:

From stage setlist:

picture of
way he sin
just #1
one big ho
i will sing
acoustic (jim did 3 acoustic songs; golden and two others)
war begun
easy morn
run thru

Posted by t-townmmjfan at the My Morning Jacket Forum:

the acoustic songs were 1. Golden, 2. a song I didn't recognize, maybe from one of their ep's or new,
perhaps called "How Could I Have Known?" (I think that was the line he sang many times during the song).
It was really great, so if anyone knows the title I'm curious to what song it is, and 3. Nashville to Kentucky.

Confirmed setlist: 1. Mahgeetah 2. Dancefloors 3. Picture Of You 4. The Way That He Sings 5. Lowdown 6. Just One Thing 7. Sooner 8. One Big Holiday 9. I Will Sing You Songs 10. Phone Went West 11. Steam Engine 12. Golden (Jim solo acoustic) 13. "How Could I Have known" / "How Can I Know" - new song (Jim solo acoustic) 14. Nashville To Kentucky (Jim solo acoustic) 15. War Begun 16. Easy Morning Rebel 17. Run Thru

My Morning Jacket Live 2004